Crash Course for Gym Goers

It has been widely observed that most of the people going to the gym are not aware of basic workout science and nutritional choices. Whatever guidance they are provided either by uneducated and uncertified trainers or self proclaimed fitness guru they blindly follow it without knowing the ill effects and future consequences of the programs. In crash course for gym goers Fast Fit academy prepares them with the basic understanding of the fitness and nutrition science so that they can differentiate between the right and wrong fitness guidance.

Topics covered in course-

  • Understanding fitness.
  • Busting myths about fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Right approach to start a fitness journey.
  • Choosing a right gym and trainer.


  • Benefits of personal training.
  • How to keep motivational level up.
  • Understanding realistic goals and ill effects of crash diets.
  • Basics of healthy balanced diet.