Fastfit Platinum

Fast Fit Platinum provides following services.

  • Centralized software to monitor client’s progress and real time calculation of calories and workout design for next day
  • Personalized choice of music through wireless noise cancelation headphones. create your own playlist through befastfit app.
  • Trainers on demand for home and gym.
  • Mobile phone app connected to centralized software shared by gym and one major hospital for all medical assistance. Software will monitor the client inactivity.
  • Free health checkups and all health data stored in centralized software for gym and hospital.
  • Medical insurance complimentary.
  • Physiotherapist on demand.
  • Online membership for consultation and group classes through Skype.
  • Special designated area for anger outburst through workouts.
  • Special designated area for meditation.
  • Special restaurant for meals prepared for client keeping in mind their fitness goals connected through same centralized software shared by gym and hospital with free home delivery.
  • Supplement stored connected through app to centralized software and their recommendation through workout routine through same software.
  • Sports specific and adventure sports training.
  • Psychologists on demand.