We at FAST FIT believes that just creating a brand out of thin air is not enough if we really want to bring change in society and the people associated with it. FAST FIT has been created with a vision to bring change in people’s lives it touches. Each and every member of FAST FIT family is dedicated and working towards mental and physical well being of our clients. Physical fitness is most integral part of overall health of human beings and to achieve fitness nirvana, good nutrition and right workout plan is of uttermost importance.

We always believed in creating new path rather than following someone else’s journey. Thats why we have always thought out of the box in bringing new ways to challenge boring ways of working out and tasteless so called healthy food and turn it into completely new and exciting workout regimes and nutrition that can be sustained entire life. Fitness is a life style and it doesn’t have to be a burden to follow it.

First strong pillar of fast fit is FAST FIT gyms where our fitness experts always come up with new and advanced ways of interesting workouts that clients can perform everyday without feeling bored. But it doesn’t mean fun workouts wont bring change in their body composition. These workouts are designed in a way where all components of fitness are targeted and clients can actually achieve the fitness they crave that can be used in day to day life. There is no substitute to hard work and good nutritional plan but it doesn’t mean hard work and healthy diet plan have to be difficult to follow. We make working out fun. Company has a vision to open 200 gyms PAN india till 2023.

Second strong pillar of FAST FIT is organic food restaurants and cafes where everything is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Our team of experienced chefs are working day and night to create healthy recipes where taste and good nutrition is of uttermost importance. FAST FIT restaurants and cafes will serve all national and international cuisine like Italian, continental, Chinese, Japanese, Indian & lebanese with right contents of good fats, protein, complex carbs and fibers without any harmful transfats and simple carbs. Company is planning to lease more than 50 acres of land to grow organic food and have in house milk production dairy farms so that everything available in our restaurant and cafes is free of adulteration. Our clients will have freedom to check our farms anytime they want so that they can be sure that they are provided with best quality food available in the market. We are planning to launch 50 restaurants and cafes within 3 years of time.

Third strong pillar of FAST FIT is Education. All our efforts of providing good workouts and healthy food would be in vein if our clients cannot differentiate what is good and what is bad for their health. These days lot of misleading advertisements are thrown out in the market like slimming belts and pills and weight gain or weight loss programs that show short term results and in long run ruins clients health. Many uncertified trainers and fitness professionals provide harmful nutritional and workout plans just to earn some quick bucks. At FAST FIT academy team of doctors and exercise specialist train the trainers about the exercise and nutrition science. There are certification courses for both trainers and general population so that they can not be fooled by misleading ads and uneducated self proclaimed fitness gurus.

We understand that we will have to face lots of challenges in doing something that has never been done before but we are on right track and we will be successful at any cost.