Why we gain fat?

fatlooseWeight loss these days is a major point of concern for both men and women. Due to the wrong eating habits and lack of physical activities in our daily routine, weight related issues are on the rise at an alarming rate. But before we start thinking about weight loss, we must understand why we gain weight. Gaining weight is the body’s tendency of storing calories for future use in the form of triglyceride in adipose tissues (fat cells). Now the question rises why our body does that when there is no need for storing calories for future use as most of the people in the world eats at least twice a day which is enough for body’s daily calories requirement. Reason behind this mechanism is, millions and millions years ago when evolution took its final course and primates evolved to Homo sapiens, there was scarcity of food and the only available option was hunting which required a lot of physical activity and despite the various attempts, food wasn’t easily available. So our body adapted itself in a way that all the extra calories we get from the food we eat in a day which is not utilised , started getting stored for future use as our body wasn’t sure when it will get its next meal. But as humans further evolved and discovered agriculture and explored different form of foods which is easily available without much efforts , our body is still under the impression that it might not get its next meal and saves extra calories for future survival. But this isn’t the only reason that makes us gain weight. There are other factors apart from this, like genetics, age, and medical condition which are responsible for fat accumulation as well. Take the example of genetics. Whole of the human race is broadly divided into three body types. Ectomorph ( people who don’t gain muscles or fat easily), endomorph( people who gain fat easily but not muscles) and mesomorph ( people who gain muscles easily and not fat). Almost all the people who fall in the category of endomorph (both male and female) tends to gain more fat than muscles and are obese. Second factor is age. As we grow old, our endocrine system (system of hormones releasing glands) slows down and our body gets into the state of degeneration and not able to repair it properly and not able to use the stored energy and it keeps on storing more and more fat. Third is medical condition like hypothyroidism and PCOD in female makes the problem worse. Despite all the problems which make a person gain weight, there are many easy ways that can help us in achieving ideal body composition. The most important thing that we must understand is, losing weight is not the ideal criteria for good health. Our main focus should be fat loss. In an attempt to lose weight we tend to lose more muscles than fat. On a weight scale we might be losing weight but in actual, we are losing precious muscles mass. Muscles are responsible for all the activities we perform in a day like walking, playing, driving. In short muscles are metabolically active, more muscles we lose the more problem we have in performing daily tasks. Fat in the contrary is metabolically inactive and has no shape. So to achieve the ideal body shape and weight we must focus on fat loss rather than weight loss. To lose fat the best way is combination of weight training and cardiovascular training. According to many healths’s specialist cardio is the only way to lose fat. Indeed it’s a good way but not the best way to lose fat. Imagine a person is doing an hour of cardio each day and in that hour he is able to burn 350 to 400 calories but what about the remaining hours of the day when he or she is sitting ideal. We must find a way to burn those extra calories stored in our body even if our body at rest. In short we have to increase our body’s BMR (Basel metabolic rate). BMR is the body’s minimum energy requirement to maintain all the bodily function at rest. When we perform weight training and target major muscles groups like legs, back and chest, our muscles breaks down at a very minute level. Due to weight training our body system has to work extra in order to repair those muscles and bring everything to normal again. This raises our BMR as body repairs itself at rest. The whole process goes on for two to three days and our body uses extra calories stored in fat to perform all those function. Second most important thing in fat loss is balanced diet. We must provide our body the good amount of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats. Main source of protein are eggs, chicken, mutton, milk, paneer and soya. We must include these sources in our diet as they provide our body all the essentials aminos to repair and prevent muscles loss. Good carbohydrates include wheat, pulses oatmeal and brown rise that provide us energy to perform all the daily functions. Fats like olive oil, fish oil and flexi seeds help in fat loss as they contain good amount of omega 3 fatty acid. At last all these things won’t work without proper rest. So minimum 7 to 8 hours of sleep is must for best results. Praveshh gaur.